The New Automated Powder Flow Analyzer PTG-S5 is Now Available!

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The New Automated Powder Flow Analyzer PTG-S5 is Now Available!

The new PTG-S5 is now available! The automated powder flow analyzer offers new features such as an integrated PC with a large color touch screen supporting multi-touch running an embedded Microsoft Windows® 10 system. The PTG-S5 also comes with a completely new user interface to run your analyses and to store your data.

The new PTG-S5 comes with nifty new features

Further Features

  • User management system with different user levels for virtually unlimited number of users
  • Password security rules and password validity control system
  • Method management system for virtually unlimited number of methods
  • Comprehensive audit trail with date filter options and export feature
  • Integrated test result storage
  • Customizable result report (logo, header)
  • USB interfaces to connect keyboard and mouse, local printers and export data via flash drive
  • LAN and WiFi interface to connect to network printers, to exchange data and for remote support
  • Service menu to check operation of hardware functions and sensors

New and improved design – new designed keyboard for the balance and new frame for the touch screen

The PTG-S5 measures the flow behavior of granules and powders in compliance with the EP [2.9.36], EP [2.9.16], USP [1174] Pharmacopoeia and ISO 4324 standards. The powder flow analyzer determines the powder flow time, the powder cone angle of the collected powder mound, the weight and the volume of the powder cone.

Why Measure the Flow Properties of Powders?

It has been estimated that over 50% of the materials used in all industrial applications were at some stage in a powder form. These powders need to be transported, injected, propelled and be able to pass through various process stages before they achieve their final form. This final form may be a tablet, a suspension or indeed a powder formulation. The need to be able to measure, control or test for reproducible powder flow has been well established in many industrial applications. Powder flow characteristics are important for:

  • Reduction in cost of raw process materials: reject bad batches before processing
  • Maintenance of the optimum formulation for the process concerned
  • Reduction in process costs
  • Maintaining the quality and consistency of the final product
  • Maintaining process efficiency and costs by optimization of product storage, packing, handling and transportation
  • Maintaining powder quality from different suppliers or from the same supplier over a long time period
  • Development of new processes where powders are required to be formulated into end products
  • Checking moisture effects: use of powders in open systems in different climates
  • Investigating and maintaining the quality of dry mixes

Discontinuing Previous PTG-S4 Model

The previous model PTG-S4 is now discontinued. We will continue to offer spare parts and support for PTG-S4 instruments for 10 years from now.


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